High Speed Interlock Circular Knitting Machine

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Genenral Features of double jersey/Interlock Circular knitting machine

◆The cams on the lower and the upper dials of this machine is featured with closed tracks design with cams of knit, tuck and miss.
◆The yarn feeding can be adjusted independently which can knit elastic double jersey fiber by installing an additional Lycra attachment, which is also equipped with varying types of cylinders, easy and quick to transfer, so that it can meet the everlasting demand from the knitting market.
◆These double machines can produce various kinds of high quality double jersey fabric of different level of thickness.
◆The speed of these double jersey circular knitting machines is very fast with simple structure.
◆The machanism is stable & convenient to operate and range of fabric pattern is wide. It can be converted into rib circular knitting machine after altering the cams.

Technical Information

DONGTAI Interlock Circular Knitting Machine Series







Motor Power










Interlock knitting machine

Brief introduction

For high production demand in basic Double Jersey DONGTAI Interlock Circular Knitting Machine can meet the challenge.

To reach mass production market demand, high speed manufacturing facilities and reliable quality control are going to be the determinant production factors in knitting textile industry. DONGTAI Interlock circular knitting machine’s performance is particularly suitable for quick production of specialized interlock stander fabrics.

With full experience in the interlock maket DONGTAI R&D people used intelligent software to design and check all knitting area on the Knitel frame structure without mutual interference to reach the ultimate speed performance. The latest bearing

housing groove system are suitable for DONGTAI heavy duty take up system and high speed operation. Precision of the frame base and transmission mechanism is able to minimize the fabric barrie affection. High motor power control and brake units assure the satisfactory in the high speed control.

DONGTAI Interlock Circular Knitting Machine series in the high speed model

can provide a higher precision in the knitting head area.

Main Features

(1) This machine adopts dial drive and cylinder bearing oil immersion design, which lower e the machine running noise, minimize the damage and machine wear under high speed running, and prolong the service life of the machines.

(2) Closed track design for Upper and lower Cams enable the machines to produce various fabrics. Through changing the arrangements of Cams and needles, it can produce various kinds of double jersey fabrics in different density and quality.

(3) With Lycra attachment, the machine can be used to produce elastic fabrics to meet the demands of various senior fabric markets.

(4) Application Area: sportswear, underwear, leisurewear

Applicable Yarn Materials: cotton, synthetic fiber, silk, artificial wool, mesh or elastic cloth.

Fabric Sample and Display

tube interlock machine

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