Yes Computerized and Double Knitting Method Machine

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  • 800 sets/year
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DONGTAI Yes Computerized and Double Knitting Method Machine adopts computerized actuator to select needles on the cylinder. Any complicated structure and design of fabric can be converted to special control system by computer, which can knit various designs of jacquard fabric. Professional designed CAM system with high speed makes needles not easy to be broken. The bed plate is made of steel ball runway structure with oil immersion, which guarantee the machine with stable running, low noise and high abrasion resistant.

▲Jacquard system makes quick switch of knit, tuck and miss, different designs can be made without limitation. Changing designs in machine is easy and quick.
▲Pattern transfer between computer and machine through U disk is convenient.
▲ Computer system is compatible with various design softwares, like WAC.
▲ Machine adopts most reliable electromagnetic actuator. 8 steps design enable machine to work at high speed.
▲Operation panel supports both Chinese and English. Jacquard system is simple and reliable.
▲ 2 ways and 3 ways system are as options. (Updating from 2 ways to 3 ways in future is convenient as machines are in 3 ways design.)
▲Jacquard exclusive yarn feeders to be supplied to enhance quality of fabric.

Performance Parameter

DONGTAI Yes Computerized and Double Knitting Method Machine







Motor Power





13-20 RPM



circular knitting machine

Double knit Circular knitting machine for the production of all interlock-base and rib-base stitches with needle-by-needle selection in the three technical ways

Product Description

Traditional DONGTAI modular frame, renovated in its functionality, robustness, and aesthetics, with the new, integrated  control panel which allows the fruition of new technologies and completes the machine’s control with the following functions:

· Diagnostic indication and visualisation of stops and alarms.

· Setting of the take-down percentage for easy roll extraction

· Selection/ setting of the reset types.

· Operational management, through inverter, for the search of the optimal rotation speed.

· Self compensated take-down electronic control to guarantee a constant tension of the fabric roll.

· Usb connection for quick drawing upload

computerized jacquard machine


▲2.4 feeds per diametrical inch machine. Totally closed dial camtracks, with

double cam (inner and outer) in one single block, mounted on 72 dial camboxes (one at each feed), easily replaceable.

▲The Knitting head has 2 feeds per diametrical inch.

▲Singly tilting yarn carriers are mounted on a single ring to facilitate their adjustments. The yarn feeding units are set on two, or three rings if the

elastomeric yarns feeding units is needed.

▲The cylinder needles selection is obtained by means of piezo-ceramic actuators (one at each feed with 16 levels) controlled by an electronic elaborator comprising: CPU unit, display with tactile keyboard and Usb port.

▲Operative memory capacity: 512 Megabytes for the execution of large

patterns and fabrics.


The machine’s textile potentiality are numberless, and such to allow the

possibility of knitting all the rib-base and interlock-base stitches as well as

structures such as double-face, mattresses ticking fabrics, 2 or more colours

large dimensions jacquard patterns. The electronic needle selection allows

for the immediate passage from a structure to another one as well as the

partial or total annulment of the pattern, thus giving the possibility of pattern


Fabric Sample

computerized knitting machine

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لطفا پیش از ارسال نظر، خلاصه قوانین زیر را مطالعه کنید: فارسی بنویسید و از کیبورد فارسی استفاده کنید. بهتر است از فضای خالی (Space) بیش‌از‌حدِ معمول، شکلک یا ایموجی استفاده نکنید و از کشیدن حروف یا کلمات با صفحه‌کلید بپرهیزید. نظرات خود را براساس تجربه و استفاده‌ی عملی و با دقت به نکات فنی ارسال کنید؛ بدون تعصب به محصول خاص، مزایا و معایب را بازگو کنید و بهتر است از ارسال نظرات چندکلمه‌‌ای خودداری کنید. بهتر است در نظرات خود از تمرکز روی عناصر متغیر مثل قیمت، پرهیز کنید. به کاربران و سایر اشخاص احترام بگذارید. پیام‌هایی که شامل محتوای توهین‌آمیز و کلمات نامناسب باشند، حذف می‌شوند.

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