Circular Pile Knitting Machine

  • 30 Days(Negotiable)
  • 500sets/year
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★This machine is based on double jersey knitting structure, every two feeders as one unit. Different
gauge of dial and cylinder, brings the ground structure more minutely and higher density.
★Pile forming from original cylinder pile needle changed to dial pile needle, lead the piles inwards,
to prevent piles down by anti-dust device while knitting. 4 cam tracks in cylinder now, bring you more possibility in ground face.
★We also placed the dial pile needle and cutter in the same direction,loading between dial and cylinder is decreased, RPM is raised, and less debris will accumulate as well.
★Fabrics from DT-Pile M/C can be applied for home textile, industrial purpose, man made fur apparels, and toys.

Performance Parameter

DONGTAI High Pile Circular Knitting Machine Series













High pile crazy knitting machine

Overview——Quick Details

Type:high pile/pile cut




Warranty:1 Year

Applicable Industries:knitting machinery


Product Type: fabric, home textile, underwear

Production Capacity:300-500kg/day

Place of Origin:Fujian, China

Brand Name:DONGTAI

Knitting Style:Weft

Knitting Method:Double


After-sales Service Provided:Video technical support, Online support



System:Automatical Mechanical

Certificate::CE ISO9001 COC

Supply Ability:800 Set/Sets per Year

circular knitting machine

Main Features

▲The Best Alternative instead of warp knitting machine to weave all kinds of new fabric.

▲The major advantages of the machine: Shearing can be done in the machine synchronously, to reduce the losses of materials and save the cost.

▲It mainly knit high pile fabrics. The length of pile can be exchanged simple,varieties can be replaced easily .It can also produce plush,blankets,coral cashmere,cashmere pea.

Fabric Sample

crazy knitting machine

Terms & Conditions
Validity 30 Working days from the day of issue
Country of Origin Quanzhou, Fujian
Payment By 100% Irrevocable and Confirmed Sight L/C or 30%T/T advance as deposit and 70%T/T before shipment
Packing Seaworthy Standard Export Packing
Shipment and Delivery 45-60 Working days upon receipt of workable  & confirmed L/C. Date of delivery and time of shipment shall be confirmed mutually in the form of e-mail.
Port of shipment Any sea port in Xiamen
Insurance CIF included
Pre-Shipment Inspection If needed on buyer’s account
Warranty one year warranty for the mechanical products and accessories. Warranty doesn’t cover vulnerable accessories such as knitting needles, sinkers, belts or damages caused by improper manual operation or force majeure factors.
Packaging & Shipping

International Standard Seaworthy Wooden Packing for Export

High pile crazy knitting machinecircular knitting machine

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